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Ten Amazing Orchid Flowers with an Animal Faces and Interesting Figure

Dancing Lady Orchid is also known as Oncidium
Dancing Lady or Oncidium Orchid
Mother earth never fails to amaze us and she inspires me to live life to the fullest and enjoy the beauty of the mystery of creation, but I can't keep my promise to just watch because of my curiosity.
Dancing Lady Orchid

 It started in our garden, but it is not the Eden yet.

Our home has a typical garden with amazing plants, herbs, and orchids. This orchid captures my attention as it looks like a lady, not in red, but in yellow, going to the ball. I wonder the power of creation and it is so vast that I can't fathom. So, I took pictures and researched. Guess what, more surprises await me as flowering orchids has a wide variety of complex figures which some resemble to common animals that we knew.

Lists of Amazing Orchids of the World

Aside from the Oncidium or commonly known as 'Dancing Lady Orchid', which is a more common orchid that exhibit an interesting figure, here are the other nine of my top ten compilation. The list is not in order of importance since all of them are beautiful and interesting as the other. I leave to you the decision of which is your favorite, most intriguing, and beautiful orchid.

Cockleshell Orchid or Clamshell Orchid

Prosthechea cochleata

Cockleshell or clamshell orchid scientific name is Prosthechea cochleata with a photo
Cockleshell or clamshell orchid resemble a squid swimming in the ocean
This kind of orchid is similar to a squid which is swimming in the sea. The common name attributed to it is also related to a sea creature. No wonder!

This orchid is rare in the lowlands and some of its subspecies is listed in the endangered orchids. It is found and native to Central America, Columbia, Venezuela, and some parts of Florida.

White Egret Flower

Pecteilies radiata

White Egret Orchid common names include Sagiso and Fringed Orchid
White Egret Flower is flying high like a true bird

This is one of the nicest I have seen, although simple, but I love the pure white in its body and the figure of the bird. The flower looks like a bird is sucking a nectar to the flower. This defense is probably the mechanism of the flower to avoid insects. Simply amazing! 

It is also known as Sagiso or Fringed flower, but I love to call it a white egret flower, no other else. Its natural habitat is in China, Japan, Korea, and Russia.

Naked Man Orchid

Orchis italica and Orchis simia

Orchis italica or naked man orchid is found in Mediterrenean
Naked Man Orchid or Italian Orchid
This orchid is famous with raunchy name, not actually pervert. I am sure this orchid will refrain your generosity if you'll give it a shirt. They are like aliens in a pack, well they are very small aliens, so no need to worry for an alien invasion.

It is commonly found in the Mediterranean under the shades.

Fly Orchid

Ophrys insectifera

Ophrys insectifera or fly orchid is commonly found all over Europe
Fly Orchid isn't an insect, but loves insects
This orchid doe not only looks like a fly, but actually need a fly. No, it does not mate with a fly! It needs the male fly to pollinate. Aside from the fact that it looks like a fly, it also produces a pheromone similar to a female fly so that the male fly will be attracted to it and will carry its pollens as the male fly transfer from different flowers and  also as it mate with a female fly. Yes, you are right that this orchid is willing to be the third party in the relationship of the flies, she loves it! 

Fly Orchid is endemic in Alkaline rich soil in Europe.

Bee Orchid

Ophrys insectifera

An orchid that looks like a bee.
A Bee in a Bee Orchid, think twice
A bee in a bee orchid? Not impossible! As it already has a bee-looking figure in the body of its flower. Not far from having a fly in a fly orchid. This orchid belongs to the same genus with the fly orchid. However, this one is more common in the Mediterranean reaching east of the Black sea, while the other is in the northern ranges of Europe.

Dove Orchid

Peristeria elata

It is named as Holy Ghost Orchid because of the resemblance of the flower to the dove.
Dove Orchid or Holy Ghost Orchid
This flower is among the most sought flower among collectors due to its natural beauty of marble white. Now, it is in the top list of endangered near extinction orchid specie in Central America, especially in Ecuador and Venezuela.

Even I, would love to have that orchid at home since the figure of the dove brings calm and peace. Maybe, this is the reason why people also call it as the Holy Ghost Orchid.

Bird's head Orchid and the Moth Orchid


Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid is commonly found in the southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Australia
Moth Orchid
Phalaenopsis is an interesting and amazing orchid as it creates many eye magnet flowers and the genus of the flower is found as far from the Australia to Greece and Turkey. The simplest of them all is the Moth Orchid, which is common in the southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Australia.
The photo (left) is the moth orchid from the Philippines. This is distinguishable as it is simple among others, but if you use your extra observation. It has a part that resembles a bird's head. 

The photo below is of the same genus, but a different species. Arena Flowers call this as a Lion Orchid because of a paint-like-Lion-head in the center of the flower. However, the flower is rotated during a photo shoot to get the desirable image. As you can see, in the right corner below, a bird's head figure appeared.

Lion head Orchid (Left), Reverse 180 clockwise same figure creates a Phalaenopsis orchid

Close Up Photo of Moth Orchid creates a Bird's Head orchid

Get the bird's head figure of the pink moth orchid.
Bird's head Orchid or Pink Moth Orchid

One of my favorites is the bird's head orchid. Although it belongs to the Phalaenopsis genus, the best specie that can create a perfect bird's head figure is the Pink Moth Orchid which is found in the Middle East, Greece, and Turkey. As you can see, it is very beautiful!

Flying Duck Orchid

Caleana major

Photo and Figure of Caleana Major or Flying Duck Orchid
The flying duck orchid is pretty weird
One of my favorites! In the photo, I made a special story of love and betrayal of the ducks. It is up to you if you remember Donald Duck and Daisy had a lover's quarrel.

This duck never flew away from their home parent plant and they live in eastern and southern Australia. If you go duck hunting, I am sure you'll not notice this immediately as it is very small to notice in the wild. 

Monkey Orchid

Dracula simia

Monkey orchid is also known as Dracula orchid or monkey face Dracula, but its scientific name is Orchis simia.
Imprints of Monkeys and Dracula in the Orchids

The most interesting, controversial, and thought provoking orchid of all time. How on earth that the petals, column, and lips perfectly arranged to form a face like figure of a monkey? I told you in the beginning that the Mother Earth never stops to amaze us.

If you'd like to see it for yourself, you have to go to the forest of Ecuador and Peru. However, it would surely be costly, so I suggest that you have to believe that it is not edited nor enhanced to create an image worth sharing on Social Media. It is the work of nature!

The photos are of different specie but belongs to the same genus Dracula. Why Dracula? It is because of the cape the monkey-face orchid wear.

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